Commercial Refrigeration Service

Young’s Cooling & Leasing in Westminster is second to none when it comes to commercial refrigeration service. We stock our trucks to fix most problems on the first visit without leaving the job site from ice machines to cold storage buildings. We take pride in the quality of our workmanship and we stand behind everything we do. We find a lot of commercial refrigeration equipment and commercial air conditioning systems service calls we get are due to the customer has had several service companies out and the problem still isn’t fixed, we show up and find out it was something simple. Young’s Cooling & Leasing ice machine rentals include service at no extra cost, saving you money and the headache! If you’re tired of your current service company not fixing the problem (or making them worse!) then give, Young’s Cooling & Leasing a call!

Preventative Maintenance

Maintenance is the single most important thing your equipment needs to stay running at its peak performance. We find that most equipment failures are due to improper or no maintenance. Trying to do maintenance yourself or pushing it off to try to save money has never been a good idea, it usually results in hundreds even thousands of dollars in equipment damage, property damage, lost product, and lost revenue.
Our techs are trained to perform the maintenance correctly and find problems before they become big problems. We offer many different preventative maintenance programs to fit everyone’s needs because we know that everyone has different needs and different operations.


Installation of your equipment is very important to performance and longevity of your equipment. There are a lot of factors that go into installing new or used equipment. We find that people buy equipment off the internet without even thinking about the installation or consulting a contractor. Our family has been in this trade for decades and we know what can be done and what can’t be done. We mainly install
What we sell but we will install equipment you purchased somewhere else. We stand behind what we sell and we take pride in the quality of work we provide.

Energy Management Controls

We now offer energy management controls for walk-in coolers and walk-in freezers. We work with SET and KE2 Therm solutions. Their controls are the only controls that provide true energy savings while protecting your refrigeration equipment. These controls are designed and built by people who truly understand refrigeration systems and how they operate. If you want more info or are interested in a FREE site visit, feel free to contact us. Here are some links to help explain KE2 Therm features and benefits: