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Ice Machine Rentals

Ice Machine Rentals for Westminster, Massachusetts

Young’s Cooling & Leasing, located in Westminster, Massachusetts, is the area’s leading company for all of your ice machine rental needs. If you are looking for reliability, dependability, and quality, there is no alternative.

With Young’s Cooling & Leasing, you will be provided a brand new machine when selecting a new ice machine rentals contract that includes all services, parts, and maintenance in a low, monthly payment.

But the benefits don’t stop there! Emergency ice service is also included at no extra cost with all ice machine rentals. Young’s Cooling & Leasing’s unique combination of quality equipment and top-notch maintenance and repair services save customers thousands of dollars over the life of the equipment when you rent instead of buy.

Our ice machine rentals provide an additional benefit to business owners in that our rental contract provides you with a predictable operating expense for more reliable business planning and financial management. This enables you to focus on your primary business goals and worry less about upkeep and potential repair costs that loom over other business owners.

Beyond Ice Machine Rentals, Young’s Cooling also provides:

  • Walk-in Cooler Installations
  • Commercial Appliance Installation
  • Upright Freezer Installation
  • Refrigeration Services
  • Energy Management Controls


If you own a retail grocery or convenience store, restaurant, or commercial food company, and you are in need of quality service and machinery that will leave you worry free, contact us today to learn more about your ice machine rental options. Our specialists at Young’s Cooling & Leasing are excited to help you make the right choice for your needs today!