Our company provides TRUE  24 hour emergency service. We do not use an answering service or answering machine to field all our calls. When you call our company just select the emergency button to be transferred directly to the on-call technician.

When placing an emergency call make sure you check the following prior to calling :

  • is the power on ? check the cord or disconnect switch.
  • is there a flashing error light or message ? some newer equipment comes with electronic controls and will usually flash warning codes or messages.
  • did you have a recent power outage ? if so we may be able to walk you through a simple reset over the phone.
  • is there anything running or making a noise ? this will help us determine where to start when we arrive.
  • what is the brand ? knowing the brand ahead of time allows us to be better prepared when we arrive.
  • is there ice, water, or smoke ? if so…. SHUT THE POWER OFF !

The more info you can provide us, the better we can help you.


Call us at 978-874-3300