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Upright Freezer

An essential appliance for restaurants, grocery stores, fast food chains, and convenience stores, an upright freezer offers a lot of utility and support for almost any business. If you’re looking to own or lease a commercial upright freezer for your business, Young’s Cooling and Leasing, located in Westminster, Massachusetts, is the leading supplier for Central MA communities.

Whether you already have an upright freezer or are looking to own one, we offer:

  • Service and Maintenance agreements
  • 24/7 emergency repair service
  • Sales, rentals, and lease-to-own
  • New and used commercial refrigeration equipment
  • Licensed, professional technical support

We represent a wide range of high-quality brands and can help you select exactly the right one to fit your operation and budget. We even offer used upright freezers to help business owners and managers get the right equipment at the right price. In fact, we know the service history behind most of the used equipment we sell because we’ve been servicing it.

Speaking of servicing appliances, if you own and operate a commercial upright freezer, it’s important for you to properly maintain it – not only for the safety of your customers, but because a well-maintained upright freezer remains highly efficient and can save you loads of time and hard-earned money.

Like many things, an upright freezer is considered a major investment for most local businesses. That’s why it is crucial to know when to have routine services, repairs, and maintenance for your Westminster MA, upright freezer and how to get it done properly. Ignoring or delaying maintenance can easily add to your overhead. If a part needs to be serviced or even replaced but is not, the whole machine can be strained, leading to emergency repairs that can quickly become expensive.

Routine care significantly helps businesses focus on their product, their customers, and their capital by reducing the chances of aggravating setbacks, like food products spoiling inside a neglected freezer. Also, regularly scheduled check-ups for your upright freezer help in cutting extra costs like unnecessarily high electricity bills and aid in increasing your machine’s lifespan.

To learn more about what we have to offer for owning, leasing, servicing, and repairing a commercial upright freezer, contact us today here at Young’s Cooling and Leasing. Our commercial refrigeration specialists are happy to answer your questions and help you today!