Refrigeration Technician Jobs

Refrigeration technicians, also known as refrigeration mechanics, area highly skilled technical professionals who repair, install, and troubleshoot refrigeration systems. They can work on industrial, commercial, or residential climate-control systems, such as HVAC units, ice machines, beverage equipment, and refrigerated storage units. Refrigeration technician jobs generally include performing preventative maintenance to help equipment owners avoid future problems or breakdowns. Refrigeration technicians are typically able to work on both the mechanical and electrical components of these systems, though some may be trained to specialize in either area.

At Young’s Cooling and Leasing our refrigeration technician jobs can include the following tasks:

  • Install new refrigeration systems  Our technicians are typically responsible for installing climate-control systems and need to be knowledgeable about all system components. They read blueprints and schematics, understand compliance standards, know local building codes and apply welding and soldering techniques if required.
  • Repair and upgrade refrigeration systems  A primary responsibility of refrigeration technician jobs is to diagnose problems and make repairs to existing equipment. Refrigeration technicians apply troubleshooting methods, replace parts, and conduct tests to ensure systems are working properly following repairs. They also upgrade systems to satisfy new regulations or meet new standards.
  • Maintain existing refrigeration systems Performing preventative maintenance on refrigeration systems is another primary duty of our refrigeration technicians. This involves following a checklist of parts and operations that need to be tested during a routine inspection of existing equipment, such as compressors, condensers, electrical connections, and motor operations.

Our company has built an outstanding reputation throughout central New England because our refrigeration technicians possess strong analytical, problem solving, and organizational skills. They have the ability to work both independently and provide the support our customers need. Good math, communication, and basic computer skills are essential for success in our refrigeration technician jobs. Our technicians are in good general physical condition because they’re often required to lift and carry equipment as well as stand, kneel, or stoop for long periods of time to successfully handle whatever physical task is required by a project.

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