Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) jobs are among some of the most in-demand and promising positions available today. HVAC jobs are open for any age or gender and make an excellent career choice because they cannot be offshored like many manufacturing and hi-tech professional services jobs.

At Young’s Cooling and Leasing, we have HVAC jobs for technicians who possess primary skills including:

  • Basic math skills
  • Mechanical aptitude
  • Fundamental understanding of basic electricity
  • Self-reliance and personal responsibility
  • Good work ethic

Many technicians get their start by attending community or technical colleges to prepare them for HVAC jobs. Organizations such as The Air Conditioning Trade Association offers online training courses with classes that run typically eight weeks, designed to prepare individuals for certification with North American Technical Excellence.

Ideal candidates for HVAC jobs have a technical mindset and are comfortable with technology because HVAC equipment manufacturers are developing increasingly complicated equipment. In some respects, though, manufacturers are making it easier, with onboard diagnostics and other tools to assist service technicians. But equipment and technology is constantly evolving, so it’s good to invest in a certain amount of continuing education. Knowledge of changing government regulations, rules for handling refrigerants, new technologies – all of these are important.

HVAC engineers and trained service technicians are particularly in demand for HVAC jobs as owners of commercial buildings become more conscious of saving energy and the environment. Properly installed and well-maintained HVAC equipment can save building owners significant money while increasing comfort and productivity within their buildings.

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